30 years with Envoy and the TWU!

On February 10 2020 Scott Tucek celebrated 30 years with Envoy, and the TWU!

Scott is always willing to help out his fellow brothers and sisters in many ways to make sure we are safe and getting the job done. He always has a happy go lucky attitude that make it fun to be around and to work with. He takes pride in sharing his knowledge and experience to everyone, especially if a job is giving someone a hard time we know we can ask Scott for guidance. Scott is always ready to support members to protect them in times when needed, and has been known to stand up to management from time to time. Let’s all give Scott a pat on the back and congratulate him for his 30 years of service.


John Kuercki Celebrated 30 Years

On January 27, 2020 John Kuercki celebrated 30 years as an Envoy employee and TWU member!

John is a very active member always attending meetings and activities for the TWU. He has been a helpful member and has a helped pave the way for some of the benefits we enjoy today. He is always ready to help other members, troubleshooting problems and finding solutions. In the past John has held board member position in the local, and has been instrumental in a few very important grievances that has made our membership stronger. Thank you John for your years of service and dedication and we wish the best in the years to come.

Christmas Party 2019

Our ORD Christmas party was a great success! We had more members attend this year then we have in previous years. Laughter and good food made for a great night for all. Many members from GSE and Parts and Maintenance were all enjoying the night sharing stories and reminiscing about the past year. Members from all shifts made it to the party even some coming late after their shift ended and some coming early and grabbing a bite to eat before their shift started.

The Board would like to thank everyone who attended and enjoyed the night, and wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year.


Legislative Update

November 18, 2019

The TWU is proud to endorse the recently introduced Safe Aircraft Maintenance Standards Act (H.R. 5119). Led by Representatives Peter DeFazio (D-OR) and John Katko (R-NY), this bipartisan bill would close five loopholes that allow airlines to offshore maintenance of aircraft onto a lower safety standard abroad. The bill would also impose a moratorium, blocking the FAA from approving any new foreign repair facilities until they implement the legislation, as well as past pieces of legislation in this area.

In recent years, airlines have offshored more than 8,200 jobs previously held by TWU members to foreign aircraft maintenance facilities. These facilities do not have any drug and alcohol testing, background checks, threat assessment, unannounced FAA inspections, or mechanic qualification requirements. The result has been an increasing number of incidents caused by poor maintenance at the facilities – including vital engine components held together by tape and wire and found by an American Airlines mechanic in Chicago earlier this year.

The TWU is on the frontlines fighting to protect U.S. workers from government sanctioned outsourcing. At airlines, public transit agencies, railroads, and other industries, we are fighting to ensure that our members’ jobs remain stable and safe at all times.