2020 3rd Quarterly Union Meeting

Where: Hilton Garden Inn (Columbus Airport)
4265 Sawyer Rd Columbus, OH
**  Located next to Hampton Inn  **

When:   Wednesday September 23, 2020

Times:  8:00am, 11:00am, 5:00pm

What:  Airline Industry Future Outlook Discussion
Financial Reports
Old/New Business
Covid-19 Safety Update
Nominations for Local Executive Board
Executive Board Salary Adjustment; pending membership approval (to take effect next election term January 2021)

Meeting will be conducted in accordance with CDC
Covid -19 Guiding principles and Local regulations
(Face coverings will be required)


Charles Shay

Charles Shay

January 8, 1973 – April 5, 2020

On April 5, 2020, we lost one of our own, Charlie Shay. He was known as “Shay-Shay” and was one of the smartest, caring, and kindest person many of us have known. Many of his co-workers considered him a close friend and have been deeply saddened by his passing.

Charlie worked at Envoy for nearly 23 years and was a great supporter of our local, attending many meeting and participating in union parties and gatherings.

Charlie loved RC flying, on nice calm days you would find him out flying at the field with his good friends and some new ones too. He was a FAA licensed drone pilot and also was a FAA private pilot too. Charlie leaves behind his wife Heather, who he loved traveling with and spending time with. They enjoyed dining out and traveling on cruise ships all around the globe.

Charlie will be missed by his friends and family and the members from our ORD team. RIP Shay-Shay.

25 years with Envoy and the TWU!

On December 8 2020 Gino Rivera celebrated his 25 years with Envoy and the TWU!

Gino started in San Juan Puerto Rico and transferred to ORD in May of 2012. While in Puerto Rico Gino was a Tech Crew Chief who was always willing to help out the team. He came to ORD as a mechanic but continues to help out fellow members in getting planes fixed.

Let’s all congratulate Gino for this great accomplishment.

30 years with Envoy and the TWU!

On February 10 2020 Scott Tucek celebrated 30 years with Envoy, and the TWU!

Scott is always willing to help out his fellow brothers and sisters in many ways to make sure we are safe and getting the job done. He always has a happy go lucky attitude that make it fun to be around and to work with. He takes pride in sharing his knowledge and experience to everyone, especially if a job is giving someone a hard time we know we can ask Scott for guidance. Scott is always ready to support members to protect them in times when needed, and has been known to stand up to management from time to time. Let’s all give Scott a pat on the back and congratulate him for his 30 years of service.